My goal, with this site, is to show the projects, big and small, I’ve undertaken to practice the lifestyle trends that I am inspired by (see The Imperfect Principles).

With each project my goals vary, but mostly I want to use or refurbish things that would otherwise be discarded, focus on a new skill, experience something new and open my mind. Often I romanticize the process and find out the limitations of the principles (or my abilities) in new and more inspiring ways.

I like the journaling aspect of creating blogs and I like philosophizing, so sometimes that is the “project”. Thanks for indulging me while I untangle the purpose of all this.

I live in the rural area north of the San Francisco Bay Area among the vineyards of Sonoma County, California. I work part time from home, read a lot, take photographs, grow plants, spend time with my kids, attempt to be useful to my other family members, cook every day, experiment with herbs and explore hiking trails.