Affiliate Policy

To continue to provide updates to this website and invest time into documenting my experiences with these projects, I participate in affiliate marketing.

Here is how I am doing that.

From time to time you will see a link to a product that takes you directly to a shopping page. If you buy something on that site, the affiliate program for that site or product pays me a percentage of the purchase price (1% – 4% and more for some digital products). It makes me happy to make these links non intrusive and strive to make sure I don’t provide ads that interrupt your enjoyment of the site.

The affiliate programs I participate in are for products that I have either personally used, are from a brand I have relied on, or has been strongly recommended to me by someone I trust.

My policy is to never let a high payout affiliate program convince me to promote a link if I don’t think the product is useful or good. I will try products and will promote them only if I see some value and I will let you know my honest opinion for who I think it will be useful for.


I have signed up for the affiliate program for eBay because eBay has the ability to sell used products from individuals. It makes me very happy to know that useful items can be reused and recirculated in this way.

This is not true for all items on eBay, so be careful to select the ‘Used’ checkbox on the left hand side to find products that are lightly used.