Moving Part 1: One Moving Task

Just after I started this website, I agreed to move into another house nearer my parents and other family members.

Here is one task. You would be right if you guessed that I was not able to go through everything so thoroughly throughout this first move. But then I had a second try! See the second move to see how much stuff I still had to get rid of!

Can I move while doing the Zero Waste Home? daunting, but kind of brilliant. I can really minimize so I don’t have to move so much stuff. I have given myself a couple of months.

How to do this without getting too focused on the minutiae?

  • Be focused, finish what you started every day.
  • Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by your deadline. Do the job right.

For instance, I had a few binders full of product manuals for large and small appliances all over the house. I was very tempted to abandon the project midway through. So many manuals from things we’ve had in the past and some that are no longer here.

Here are a few of the things I saved and threw away:

  • appliances we no longer have – throw away, duh
  • appliances that are installed in the house stays with the house
  • smaller appliances that I will take with me go in a separate binder
  • eliminate all the papers that are not helpful such as in languages other than English, or marketing information for other products.
  • if the guarantee has expired, it is probably OK to throw away the manual on the juicer or the coffee maker for instance.
  • also, place some of the manuals with the item instead of in the binder where you will forget you have it.

Such a boring task, although satisfying when completed.

Now I have two binders.

If I can go through my stuff and have it all organized, I will be a happy camper and well on my way to doing the ‘Reduce’ part of Zero Waste Home.

I honestly can’t wait to get rid of so much stuff and make my move very low effort.

Zero Waste Home Concepts Used: Recycle (papers from old manuals), Reduce (got rid of old unused stuff)

Zero Waste Home Next Time: get used appliances and refuse the manuals which you can always read online.

Job Satisfaction Rating: great to see the binders neatly sitting on the shelf

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