November 10-13 2022

While I do intend to still give the projects their own separate post, Here I show the day to day of doing things with multiple projects going on.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Kombucha: Noticed that the Kombucha I started on November 2 (using a batch of store bought raw kombucha and some black tea sweetened with sugar) is growing a promising looking SCOBY.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Cut up some apples I was storing the refrigerator to be used in a master batch of ACV. I had one quart of ACV started August 14, and another quart started September 15 which I added along with a quart of water that sat out for a week and the cut up apples. Thus a master batch of ACV is now fermenting in the big container with cheesecloth on top.

Blackberry Apple Butter: While I was cutting apples, I decided to make another batch of blackberry apple butter so filled the slow cooker with the rest of the blackberries in the freezer and a quart of cut up apples with skins.

Friday, November 11, 2022, Veterans Day

Blackberry Apple Butter: House smells nice of hot cooked blackberries and apples. 8AM added 2 cups of sugar. Later in the day (5pm) blended it to smooth with the immersion blender. Later Still (9PM) put the entire batch through a sieve to remove the blackberry seeds.

Swiss Chard: The Chard I started earlier this month in the raised beds are doing well despite the frost so I picked some trying to determine how much of the plant I could take, using 1/3 as my guide.

Compost: Had a full load of compost to bury, so I chose a tree to bury it under, I think it was the peach.

Olives: The tree was offering a few olives at my height so I picked about 5.

Guavas: I picked up guavas on the ground under the pineapple guava plant. I intended to juice them, but since I had a sneeze fit last time I ate one, I’m not sure.

Guava Leaves: Clipped some guava leaves to use for tea. It has been said that it is good to help regulate blood sugar for diabetics, so I am hopeful since I am pre-diabetic.

Lemons: About 4 lemons were fully yellow so I picked them. There were tons more too, but they were still green. Now that I think of it, I hope no one else needs one until next week.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Blackberry Apple Butter: cooked down to half at least, it is smelling scorched and also, amazing. Preserved the entire batch in three pint sized mason jars processing them in boiling water for 25 minutes.

Guava Leaves: Started a slow dry in the oven. Placed the oven on 170 degrees F for 10 minutes and then left the leaves to dry.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Guava Leaves: Again, started a slow dry in the oven. Placed the oven on 170 degrees F for 10 minutes and then left the leaves to dry. Finally (9pm) they have dried enough to be crumbly. Using a mortar and pestle, I ground them down to a small size, but not a powder and stored them in a jar for use to add to my tea in the evening.

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