Fan Rescue

About World Events: I want to take a moment to acknowledge that it is a really hard, difficult and sad time right now. I hope very much for positive change and growth.

If it helps to read about the projects I am doing, please do – or get outside and go for a hike, that also is an excellent way to reset your mind and get away from the screen, the news, the inspirational voices are amazing, but even they can be too much sometimes.

And, on to our usual programming.

In the spirit of Zero Waste and not taking everything To The Dump – this one is about repairing and finding a good home for my stuff. I reminded myself that where I am moving is a slightly warmer climate than I have here. Whereas it seldom merits air conditioning here on the west side of the coastal mountains (where I am now, and where I am going), we do have a few heat waves over the summer and late spring that require we run fans and find ways to get out of the sun.

I have an old black freestanding fan that I have been actively disliking for a while. It wobbles, it only has three legs and when you get it up to high speeds it makes a terrible clicking noise.

So, I decided to give myself all afternoon to repair it. I find if I take my time and don’t have to rush, I don’t get so frustrated with repairing things. It’s when I need the thing to work Right Now is when I get annoyed with the task.

Anyway, I repaired it! Wow.

This is not a how-to blog, but I thought I’d take you through the steps briefly – It took somewhere between 2-3 hours to do it properly including dusting off all the parts.

I’ll upload a video of the working fan soon. wants me to upgrade before I’m allowed to do that.

I’d say this is an all round grand success. Not only did it not take all day, but the fan works great.

Zero Waste Home Did: saved an old appliance from the garbage dump!! Wow

Zero Waste Home Next Time: it does bother me that the fan is made entirely of plastic which will never ever be used for anything else.

Satisfaction Rating: Very, very satisfying

Time: about 2 hours, allow 3 hours to avoid rushing and frustration

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