Scroll down Five Times

Latest project: waste less time on sites with too much advertising.

Have you ever heard of Search Engine Optimization? Here is a solution to circumvent all those annoying websites that spend all their time getting to the top of the Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever search engine you are using – there is even a good search engine called ‘Duck Duck Go‘ that I really, really recommend, and will tell you more later.

Did you even notice how the first items in your search often have the most advertisements.

I especially find that when I am looking for a simple recipe, like meatloaf, or pot roast, ribs, pesto, macaroni and cheese, or brussels sprouts, I click on one of the first options, thinking it will be easy, excellent (because why would it filter to the top of the list?) and quickly try to print it out or just follow it straight from the computer and go!

It is not possible! All the results the search engine shows me that are within the first five selections either have so many advertisements and popup windows that I can’t even read the recipe, or, requires me to signup and make a membership to get the dang recipe. So much for free information on the internet. You have to give away your time or email every time.

Here is one simple way to circumvent this problem.

Type in your search. Flip off the first page of results. Say ‘ha ha’ and scroll down at least five pages of results. Count with me, click, one, two, three, four, five. Then check out those results. There is plenty of content this far down, and the website host hasn’t spent all their time trying to get to the top of the list, but that time has actually been spent giving good content.

It works every time.

The recipe or information is better. There are fewer, and sometimes no advertisements and you are not required to give email addresses for membership to the site. Voila!

One thing that will also enhance this experience is if you use the Search Engine called ‘Duck Duck Go‘. While the name has something to be desired, I know, it is a brilliant search engine with all the same results as the highest ranking search engine on the market – but – it doesn’t save your searches!!! That’s right, you can search for anything you want and you are not going to have to revisit advertisements for the beach umbrella you were looking for that your mom wanted you to track down. This search engine does not save anything you enter, it forgets it entirely and doesn’t sell or share your info with those big stores! Yay – who wants to be reminded that last week you were thinking about pink pajamas, this week is very different, thank god.

Now isn’t that the best?

I thought so, you can pay me later. Just kidding.

So, search with ‘Duck Duck Go‘ and scroll down at least FIVE pages to get to the good content. Easy.

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