Free Pergola Designing

I love to provide design services for free, no pressure! Any kind of money that changes hands for my services makes me nervous and unimaginative, so I sometimes volunteer myself for a job.

This particular job, my services were not needed, and possibly not wanted, but I handed over the papers and they were gratefully accepted… and then put away.

That’s OK with me, I enjoyed the project and the drawing.

It is possible that the structures, as drawn, would not hold up for very long if the wood materials that I envision were used, or else the beams would have to be quite big to hold itself and the cross beams. Oftentimes the architect is not responsible for the engineering on projects, but this simple engineering would be something I would do on a paid design.

This pergola covers the entire patio. After considering materials for a while, I thought a light metal might be appropriate to ensure that it is not too bulky looking.

Another thought was that this one should be very high and another trellis hangs from this one in order to make the ‘rain walk’ look prettier.

The original idea was to place canvas tents in the area that would be slightly more permanent than the temporary tents that are used during an event or gathering.

This design allows a permanent pergola that is connecting the house and garage with these semi-permanent tent structures.

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