Let me Catch You Up

I’ve done a number of projects in the last couple of months. Now that I’m settled to some extent the projects are getting more and more random, but domestic for the most part. Enjoy!

The local health food market sells alfalfa seeds for you to grow your own sprouts. So I did. First time worked out great.

Using black walnut hulls, I made some dye that I used to dye my grungy jeans. My jeans turned even grungier. I have spared you the before and after picture of the jeans. Suffice it to say they just turn brownish. The orange dye I made from squash skins didn’t really work.

I picked and processed black walnuts. OMG black walnuts are really hard to crack. After spending hours making a small jar of walnuts the first time, I tried smashing the hell out of them the second time and that only made the pieces smaller and harder to find among the shells. Still working on this project.

Foraged for California Native Grapes. I found some and ate them and they were delicious! I made sure to leave plenty behind and only take a taste. Thank you native grapes!

For Halloween I carved turnips instead of pumpkins.

I made a hummingbird feeder out of a wine bottle, a sabra hummus container, and old wire and some pokemon plastic characters to act as flowers. It works for both hummingbirds and catching yellow jackets. Yellow jackets get in the syrup and can’t get out and die, but the hummingbirds don’t seem to mind.

I made KimChi. I think it was really good for a moment, but I did something wrong and it didn’t keep, even in the refrigerator it rotted, bad.

I started a garden. Maybe I will get some fava beans to eat this winter, but this project deserves it’s own post and will likely have much to say about this endeavor. So stay tuned.

I painted the windows with soap mixed with powdered corn, whatever that stuff is called. It was kind of a slimy substance, but filled my need to paint these big windows with some decoration.

Again with the garden. I collected willow sticks to heighten the fence around the garden. The deer in this area can really devastate any new growth you dare put in the ground so I needed to do everything I could to keep them out. I will fill you in on the garden completely soon. It is a constant and joyful work in progress.

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